day 18 – 19. July 2017

Around the forest fires

Due to the forest fires, we cannot follow the route originally planned for today. Therefore, we ask at the campground office for a possible route to Lillooet. By chance we meet someone in the office who drove the opposite way yesterday. We talk quite long and I get a complete and very detailed description of the route. Thanks to the great description we find everything at the first attempt.

We now leave Kamloops on the Trans-Canada Highway #1 in western direction to Cache Creek. On the way we still see the consequences of the forest fires, many burnt down trees and fields and unfortunately also the one or another burned down house or barn.

In Cache Creek everything still looks very deserted. Cache Creek was still evacuated until yesterday.  We continue on Hwy #1 in southern direction through an impressive canyon. Unfortunately, there were not many possibilities to stop with a motorhome.

At Lytton turn right onto Highway #12, the Lytton-Lillooet-Highway. The highway also winds through a very impressive canyon, at the end of which is finally Lillooet. The roadway can’t be compared to the Trans-Canada Highway in terms of construction and width. At one point or another it gets quite narrow, but luckily the oncoming traffic is limited.

In the afternoon we finally arrive at the campground. The campground and the town of Lillooet are rather sobering. The campground is mainly a gravel site. Our pitch lies under a tree that gives some shade in the afternoon sun.  Here we have electricity and water again and can charge all our photo batteries and battery packs. Showers and toilets are also available, but urgently need a renovation.

Campground: Cayoosh Municipal Campground, Site #7 with water and electricity, CAD $ 35,00

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