day 17 – 18. July 2017

Back to the city

After breakfast we follow Trans-Canada Highway #16 and leave Mount Robson Provincial Park. At Tete Jaune Cache we change to the southern Yellowhead Highway and follow it for the next few hours.

On the way we see again and again the effects of the forest fires. In some places there is even a burnt smell in the air. It is frightening to see which powers nature has to endure. But luckily you can also see in other places how nature can recover. The longer we drive to the south, the more barren and drearier the landscape becomes.

Finally, we get to the city edge of Kamloops and approach our campground. During the approach to our campground we are rather skeptical, because it goes through the middle of an industrial area. The campground is not comparable to those in the national parks, but it is ok. We have electricity, water and a very well-kept washroom. Since the city center can be easily reached on foot from the campground, we set off for a sightseeing tour. The afternoon ends at the sandy beach of the Thomson River.

Campground: Silver Sage, Site 5 with water and electricity, CAD $ 46,20

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