day 16 – 17. July 2017

Mountain Lake Trail

As we don’t have a significant route today, we have breakfast on the campground and then start our hike.

We have chosen the lower part of the Berg Lake Trail. It is a comfortable hike on a well-developed trail. The way goes moderately uphill, arrived at Kinney Lake, we take a short break and I take the opportunity to observe and photograph some birds.

Afterwards we go slowly back to the parking lot. At the Visitor Center we take a short break and treat ourselves to a coffee and a piece of cake at Mount Robson Cafe. Then we cross the Yellowhead Highway and are already on our campground. We use the sunny afternoon and go for a walk on the trails at the campground.

Campground: Robsen Meadows Campground, R87, CAD $ 28,00 (with showers)

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