day 14 – 15. July 2017

Maligne Lake

After yesterday we have slept long, today we have to get out early again and have breakfast on the way. We want to go to Maligne Lake and expect some more crowds there as well. The early start worth it, we can park without any problems. During the breakfast the parking lot fills up and for RVs it looks bad, because the RV parking lots are filled by cars again.

We pack our backpacks and get going. We want to do a small round trip to Moose Lake. The Moose Lake is a small, very beautiful and quiet lake. Also on this way we meet only few hikers in comparison to the completely overcrowded shore promenade of the Maligne Lake. After the hike we make our way back.  On the way we see a group of bighorn sheep with young ones.

When we arrive at Maligne Canyon, we try our luck and see if we get a parking lot. We are lucky and after a short wait we get a parking lot and make our way through the canyon. The canyon is characterized by deep and impressive canyons. We walk up to the fifth bridge and then make our way back uphill again. In the early evening we arrive at our campground, the Whistlers.

Campground: Whistlers, Site 30AA, CAD $ 27,40

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