day 13 – 14. July 2017

A day in Jasper

Today it is time to sleep out and have breakfast on the campground. As the Wells Grey National Park is closed due to the forest fires, one of our campgrounds is cancelled for the next days. So we need an alternative. After a city tour we spent a little longer in the Visitor Center to look for an alternative and to reserve it. In the early afternoon we drive back to our current campground, the Wapiti. We spend the afternoon on the banks of the Shoeshone River.

Unfortunately we don’t see any Wapitis on the campground at this time of year. Since there are no problems with forest fires in Alberta, we bought a fire permit for today and end the evening at the campfire.

Campground: Wapiti, Site A22, CAD $ 27,40 (with showers)

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