day 11 – 12. July 2017

Around Banff

Since we still have the rush to the parking lots in our heads, we leave today before breakfast and drive to Lake Minnewanka. There are no parking problems here. On the one hand the rush is not quite as big as at Lake Louise and on the other hand the parking lot is monitored by park rangers and on the RV parking lots only RVs are allowed to park.

After breakfast we go to the lake. Actually we want to do a boat tour here, but after we have taken a look at the boats, we decide against it. On the one hand the prices are quite high, on the other hand they are relatively small and completely closed boats, so that these are not good conditions to have a clear view for taking pictures.

So we go for a hike along the lake.  We walk along the shore path and after half an hour the hustle and bustle decreases and it gets calmer. We walk up to the Cascade River. From there we have to leave the shore path, as the rest of the way is restricted due to bears. We decide to walk along the Cascade River and the Steward Canyon.

In the afternoon we stroll through Banff again and finally return to our campground.

Campground: Tunnel Mountain Village II, Site C35, CAD $ 37,80 (with showers)

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