day 7 – 8. July 2017

A campground in the city

Today we follow the Trans-Canada-Highway #1 towards Glacier National Park. On the way to Glacier Natinal Park there are numerous small hiking trails to the right and left of the highway. One of these trails we want to walk is the Skunk Cabbage Broadwalk Trail. But our hike is already stopped after approximately 100 meters by two park rangers. Directly behind the next corner there is a black bear. We take the opportunity and talk to one of the park rangers and get a lot of information about the nature and the surroundings. But after it soon becomes clear that the bear will stay longer in the area of the trail, and this remains closed longer, we continue our journey.

Our next stop is the Visitor Center of the Glacier National Park. The visitor centers in general offer a lot of information around the area and are organized like small museums. We also use the stays to send short greetings home by WahtsApp and to provide family and friends with pictures from Canada.

In the late afternoon we reach Golden. After a sightseeing tour we set off for the campground. Our first campground in the city. Unfortunately, this campground is in no way comparable to those in the national parks. The campsites are all close together. Nature and trees between the sites are rather rare. The site is equipped with electricity and water. We use the opportunity to charge mobile phones, photos and battery packs. Otherwise the campground is rather more disappointing. Showers are available, but cost another dollar per 6 minutes extra.

Campground: Golden Muncipal, CAD $ 42,00 with electricity and water

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