day 5 – 6. July 2017

A bear!

We start in the direction of Vernon. In Vernon we continue on the Hwy #6. On the Hwy 6 we do not meet many vehicles. After a while on the lonely highway we suddenly see a black bear at the roadside. The bear probably wanted to cross the road. When he heard our vehicle, however, he turned around relatively quickly and disappeared into the forest. It all goes so fast that we can’t take a picture. But at least we have seen a bear.

Finally, we drive on the Highway until it is interrupted by a lake. Here at the lakeside we wait for the ferry and then cross over.

The inland ferries are part of the highway and are free of charge. After about a 10-minute crossing we reach the other side of the lake and continue our journey to McDonald Creek Provincial Park. We reach our campground in the early afternoon. After a short walk over the campground and along the lake, we decide to end the afternoon on the sunbathing lawn at the lakeside.

Campground: McDonald Creek, Site 5 mit Strom, CAD $ 37,30 (with showers)

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