day 3 – 4. July 2017

Manning Provincial Park

After a leisurely breakfast we start. First, we drive on the British Columbia Highway #7 to Hope. Here we first take a little walk through the city.

After the city sightseeing, we continue to the Othello Tunnels. There is a lot going on here, but we are lucky and get the last free RV parking lot. The practical thing about the motorhome is that you always have everything with you. So, we can prepare our lunch at any time. Then we go for a little walk through the Othello tunnels. Originally these were railway tunnels. But the railway line has been closed for a very long time, nothing indicates the past except the information boards.

Afterwards we continue on the Crowsnest Hwy #3 to the E.C. Manning Provincial Park. Directly at the park entrance we have the opportunity to watch a diadem jay for a while. Then we continue to the Visitor Center. Here we spend a while and watch the many ground squirrels and chipmunks before we leave for our day’s destination, the Mule Deer Campground. At the Campground we have a place directly at the creek and enjoy refreshing our feet in the cool water.

Campground: Mule Deer, M15, CAD $ 25,30

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