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day 16 – 17. July 2017

Mountain Lake Trail

As we don’t have a significant route today, we have breakfast on the campground and then start our hike.

We have chosen the lower part of the Berg Lake Trail. It is a comfortable hike on a well-developed trail. The way goes moderately uphill, arrived at Kinney Lake, we take a short break and I take the opportunity to observe and photograph some birds.

Afterwards we go slowly back to the parking lot. At the Visitor Center we take a short break and treat ourselves to a coffee and a piece of cake at Mount Robson Cafe. Then we cross the Yellowhead Highway and are already on our campground. We use the sunny afternoon and go for a walk on the trails at the campground.

Campground: Robsen Meadows Campground, R87, CAD $ 28,00 (with showers)

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day 15 – 16. July 2017

We’re changing the time zone again.

After an exhausting day yesterday, we sleep long today and have breakfast on the campground. We drive again to Jasper to refill our supplies. Then we continue to Mount Robson Provincial Park.

From Jasper we take the Trans-Canada Highway #16 or also called Yellowhead Highway to Mount Robson Provincial Park.

At Yellowhead Pass we leave Alberta and set our clocks one hour back to B.C. time. Before we drive to the campground, we look around the Mount Robson Vistor Center and ask the rangers for suitable hikes for tomorrow.

Our replacement campground for the Wells Gray Provincial Park is the Robson Meadows Campground, which is very close to our campground today. After the tour has been decided for tomorrow, we will go to the Robson River Campground. With 20 sites this is a rather small campground situated directly on the river. We spend the afternoon with a walk on the river bank.

Campground: Robson River , Site 12, CAD $ 28.30

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day 14 – 15. July 2017

Maligne Lake

After yesterday we have slept long, today we have to get out early again and have breakfast on the way. We want to go to Maligne Lake and expect some more crowds there as well. The early start worth it, we can park without any problems. During the breakfast the parking lot fills up and for RVs it looks bad, because the RV parking lots are filled by cars again.

We pack our backpacks and get going. We want to do a small round trip to Moose Lake. The Moose Lake is a small, very beautiful and quiet lake. Also on this way we meet only few hikers in comparison to the completely overcrowded shore promenade of the Maligne Lake. After the hike we make our way back.  On the way we see a group of bighorn sheep with young ones.

When we arrive at Maligne Canyon, we try our luck and see if we get a parking lot. We are lucky and after a short wait we get a parking lot and make our way through the canyon. The canyon is characterized by deep and impressive canyons. We walk up to the fifth bridge and then make our way back uphill again. In the early evening we arrive at our campground, the Whistlers.

Campground: Whistlers, Site 30AA, CAD $ 27,40

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day 13 – 14. July 2017

A day in Jasper

Today it is time to sleep out and have breakfast on the campground. As the Wells Grey National Park is closed due to the forest fires, one of our campgrounds is cancelled for the next days. So we need an alternative. After a city tour we spent a little longer in the Visitor Center to look for an alternative and to reserve it. In the early afternoon we drive back to our current campground, the Wapiti. We spend the afternoon on the banks of the Shoeshone River.

Unfortunately we don’t see any Wapitis on the campground at this time of year. Since there are no problems with forest fires in Alberta, we bought a fire permit for today and end the evening at the campfire.

Campground: Wapiti, Site A22, CAD $ 27,40 (with showers)

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day 12 – 13. July 2017

Columbia Icefield

Since we have adjusted to driving off before breakfast in the meantime, we do it the same way today. We drive on the Hwy 1a towards Lake Louise and look for a nice spot for breakfast. On the way we see deer again.

At Lake Louise we change to the Icefield Parkway and drive towards Columbia Icefield. On the way there are some stops to enjoy the landscape. Among other things we stop at Bow Lake and Peyto Lake. At Peyto Lake it gets crowded again.

Arrived at Columbia Icefield, we look for a parking lot and have lunch. Then we go up to the foot of Icefield.

On the way we see again and again signs in which years the glacier reached to where and are very frightened, how fast and far the glacier has already gone back. After the walk to the glacier we briefly visit the Visitor Center before we continue our journey.

We leave Columbia Icefield behind us and follow the Icefield Parkway towards Jasper. On the way we stop a few more times to look around. At one of our stops we also see snow goats on the highway. The next longer stop is at Athabasca Falls. From here we follow the Hwy 93a to today’s Campgroung, the Wabasso Campground.

Here we go for a walk on the hiking trails around the campground and I use the great afternoon light to take some pictures.

Campground: Wabasso, Site C47, CAD $ 21,50

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day 11 – 12. July 2017

Around Banff

Since we still have the rush to the parking lots in our heads, we leave today before breakfast and drive to Lake Minnewanka. There are no parking problems here. On the one hand the rush is not quite as big as at Lake Louise and on the other hand the parking lot is monitored by park rangers and on the RV parking lots only RVs are allowed to park.

After breakfast we go to the lake. Actually we want to do a boat tour here, but after we have taken a look at the boats, we decide against it. On the one hand the prices are quite high, on the other hand they are relatively small and completely closed boats, so that these are not good conditions to have a clear view for taking pictures.

So we go for a hike along the lake.  We walk along the shore path and after half an hour the hustle and bustle decreases and it gets calmer. We walk up to the Cascade River. From there we have to leave the shore path, as the rest of the way is restricted due to bears. We decide to walk along the Cascade River and the Steward Canyon.

In the afternoon we stroll through Banff again and finally return to our campground.

Campground: Tunnel Mountain Village II, Site C35, CAD $ 37,80 (with showers)

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day 10 – 11. July 2017

Enjoy the silence

Since Moraine Lake is also quite crowded, we have to get up early again today and drive quickly to Moraine Lake. Also here the parking lot is already full. When we arrive at 7:45 a.m., we once again get the last RV parking lot. After breakfast we first walk along the shore to the end of the lake.

Back at the parking lot we go on for a hike to the Consolation Lakes.  Right at the beginning we first have to cross a boulder field with some watercourses and then a snow field. At the snowfield some people turn around again and on the way we meet only a few hikers. So you can enjoy the rest of the well constructed way. The last 200m we have to cross a boulder field again. Here my wife goes on strike and I continue with our daughter the last boulder field alone. We are rewarded with a view of a beautiful lake.

On the way back we have the possibility to watch some marmots. Once back at the camper, we return towards Trans-Canada-Hwy #1. But we leave it quite fast again and continue on Highway 1a towards Banff. On the way we visit the Johnston Canyon before we drive to Banff. After checking in at the campground we drive back to the city and have a look around.  Banff is a nice but very touristy town.

Campground: Tunnel Mountain Village II, Site C35, CAD $ 37,80 (with showers)

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day 9 – 10. July 2017

Tough but it is worth

As we had already seen the crowds around Lake Louise and Moraine Lake the day before, we have to get up early again today. Before breakfast we leave for Lake Louise. Arrived at the parking lot, we have breakfast before we walk to Lake Louise. At the lake and around the famous Fairmont Hotel there is a huge crowd. That’s why we start quite fast to the trail towards Lake Agnes. The way is indeed exhausting, as it almost only goes uphill, but the views in between let us hold on. Like here at a stop at Mirror Lake.

Arriving at Lake Agnes Tea House we have to take a longer break and stop for a photo before heading back. On the way back to the campground we hope to drive to Moraine Lake in the afternoon, but we drop because all parking lot is full and the street is cloesed. We stop at the Lake Louise Visitor Center and decide to drive back to the campgroung. We spend the afternoon with a walk on one of the numerous paths at the campground.

Campground: Lake Louise Trailer, Site 118 with electricity, CAD $ 38,30 (with showers)

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day 8 – 9. July 2017

A very special driving exercise

Today we have to get up early. The first stop for today is one of the top attractions and therefore a lot of people are expected. We leave before breakfast. Arrived at Emerald Lake, we grab the last RV pitch and make a breakfast. After breakfast we go to the lake. There are already countless tourists on the lake shore. We have a short look around and go directly to the shore path to walk around the lake. After a few meters, the “photo-obsessed” tourists decrease significantly. We enjoy the idyllic circular path with fascinating views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

After the round trip we continue on the Trans-Canada Highway #1 to Field. In the Visitor Center we inquire about the Takakawa Falls and decide to visit them as well. The approach to the Falls is a bit “special”: On the road to the Falls there are two very narrow hairpin turns. All vehicles with a length of more than 7.5 meters have to drive into the hairpin curve, and then backwards up the mountain to the next hairpin curve. Then it goes forward again.

After this short trick the rest of the way is easy to drive. Arriving at the parking lot, once again numerous RV parking lots with cars are blocked. But we still find a place. After a short walk we see the huge 234m high waterfall. Even if there is a lot of activity here again, the approach was absolutely worthwhile. Then we continue to our campground at Lake Louise. But the pitches at Lake Louise are partly a little closer together, but nevertheless they are beautifully situated in the forest.

Campground: Lake Louise Trailer, Site 118 with electricity, CAD $ 38,30 (with showers)

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day 7 – 8. July 2017

A campground in the city

Today we follow the Trans-Canada-Highway #1 towards Glacier National Park. On the way to Glacier Natinal Park there are numerous small hiking trails to the right and left of the highway. One of these trails we want to walk is the Skunk Cabbage Broadwalk Trail. But our hike is already stopped after approximately 100 meters by two park rangers. Directly behind the next corner there is a black bear. We take the opportunity and talk to one of the park rangers and get a lot of information about the nature and the surroundings. But after it soon becomes clear that the bear will stay longer in the area of the trail, and this remains closed longer, we continue our journey.

Our next stop is the Visitor Center of the Glacier National Park. The visitor centers in general offer a lot of information around the area and are organized like small museums. We also use the stays to send short greetings home by WahtsApp and to provide family and friends with pictures from Canada.

In the late afternoon we reach Golden. After a sightseeing tour we set off for the campground. Our first campground in the city. Unfortunately, this campground is in no way comparable to those in the national parks. The campsites are all close together. Nature and trees between the sites are rather rare. The site is equipped with electricity and water. We use the opportunity to charge mobile phones, photos and battery packs. Otherwise the campground is rather more disappointing. Showers are available, but cost another dollar per 6 minutes extra.

Campground: Golden Muncipal, CAD $ 42,00 with electricity and water

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